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Handbook for modern functional treatment approaches and techniques


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Autores: Michael Gorbonos, Toshio Kubodera, Bakr Rabie y Brian Preston
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Chapter 1. Brief history of the functional appliances. Prof. Andrea Deregibus. Italy

Chapter 2. Functional appliances combined with extraoral anchorage. General classification and effects. Prof. Juan J. Alió Sanz. Spain

Chapter 3. Aragao’s function regulator-treatment of systemic disease through stomatognathic system. Prof. Wilson Aragao. Brazil      

Chapter 4. Chapter on the Crozat appliance. Dr. David Arnold. USA      

Chapter 5. A simple outline of the Bimler appliance. Prof. Barbara Bimler-Rhodes Germany 

Chapter 6. Function Generating Bite: diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. Prof. Pietro Bracco and Prof. Maria Grazia Piancino

Chapter 7. Functional Treatment Objectives. Dr. William Clark. Scotland         

Chapter 8. Orthodontic Treatment shall be started before the age 6,especially in the case of asymmetry. Dr. Marie Josephe Deshayes. France

Chapter 9. Orthoclonic: the invisible functional technique. Dr. Juan Carlos Diaz. Spain

Chapter 10. “MFS” programme: scheduled stimulotherapy and automated muscle exercises to normalise functions and the potential of the functionalism. Prof. José Duran von Arx. Spain

Chapter 11. Description of the elastic open activator of Klammt; combined method ls 78 and small giant as used in Cuba. Prof. Rebeca Fernández. Cuba

Chapter 12. Using logic and science to discover the cause and cure of malocclusion. Prof. John Mew. England

Chapter 13. Interceptive treatment for the CL III malocclusions. Dr. Derek Mahony. Australia and Dr. Yosh Jefferson USA

Chapter 14. Treatments outside the usual protocol. Prof. Franco Magni. Italy

Chapter 15. Diagnosis and functional treatment of mesial occlusion. Prof. Leonid Persin. Russia      

Chapter 16. Methodology describing the applications of the bimler appliance and the soldered lingual arch SLA / Bimler combination therapy. Prof. Ito Ritsuki. Japan    

Chapter 17. Therapeutic change of posture a jaw functional orthopedics identity. Prof. Wilma Simoes. Brazil      

Chapter 18. Functional and fixed orthodontic appliances: the best of two worlds. Prof. Brian Preston. USA

Chapter 19. Biofunctionalism. Dr. Guillermo Esteves Godoy and Dr. Maria Laura Godoy. Argentina    

Chapter 20. The relationship between dentists and orthopedic dental technicians. Mr. Abraham Levi. Israel