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Autores: Dr. César Guerrero Barros y Dra. Adriana L. Sabogal
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Chapter 1. Introduction 

Chapter 2. Two zygoma implants - four conventional implants

Chapter 3. Four zygoma implants - two conventional implants

Chapter 4. Four zygoma implants - a conventional implant

Chapter 5. Four zygoma implants

Chapter 6. Zygoma implants in unilateral maxillary atrophy

Chapter 7. Pentagonal design - five zygoma implants

Chapter 8. Mandibular zygoma implants 

Chapter 9. Complications



The extreme numbers of patients suffering from loss of important components in their oral and maxillofacial anatomy result in serious and increasing invalidity. 

The effects on their quality of life demands collaborating efforts to provide predictable, available and affordable rehabilitation. 

This book indicates opportunities ranging from advanced technology to simplified but effective possibilities. Long term follow ups indicate the importance of considering the situation of each individual patient related to the experience and capacity of the responsible doctor. Considering the future demand on simplified opportunities, it is crucial to report long term success and failure related to modified, simplified surgery as well as reliable and affordable prosthetics. 

To respect the facts the defects requiring anaplastologic reconstruction based on Osseointegration in combination with Osseoperception, it is a crucial responsibility to optimize the use of available biologic parts of the remaining cranio-maxillofacial skeleton.

The fact that the human body is a biologic unity emphasizes the rationality of the reconstruction priority of using close by tissue for restoration of defects. This is a fundamental motivation for giving priority to the zygoma.